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What is a Structured Settlements

Structured settlements have long been part of the legal system - first introduced to both America and Canada in the 1970 's they are regular practice for anyone who has won a sum of money. But just what is it? It is a sum of money that has been won (usually as part of a legal claim, such as a claim for personal injury). Instead of receiving the entire amount in one lump sum, as had been traditional (and indeed the only method), by using a structured settlement the party receiving the money does so at regular intervals. Such intervals are decided by the receiver of the money. It could be any length of time, but most common is monthly or annual instalments. They will vary wildly from settlement to settlement. This is normal because there are so many different cases that call for monthly settlements. All sorts of circumstances have a bearing - from the needs of the person receiving the money to the finances of the person/company/ institution paying it. An important factor that needs to be considered when looking at a structured settlement is that of inflation. Obviously if the money is being paid over a large amount of time the payments, if they were to stay the same, would gradually become of less worth in 'real value'. This is something that needs to be addressed in the settlement. They are legally binding. That is true of both sides, an important factor. If a structured settlement is decided on then you are not able to change it to get the remainder in a lump sum, even if you wanted to. Why Have a Structured Settlement? For many people it has a number of positives attached to it. It is important that you consider all sides of a structured settlement before deciding on it. • Regular payments makes life easier. Whilst a lump sum is nice it is very easy to spend on nothing. A regular monthly payment allows them to spread out their largesse and take full advantage. • It also helps give tax breaks. The smaller payments will attract less in tax payments than a lump sum would. This means that you will be able to get more of the money by having a structured settlement than you would by having a lump sum. • For some who, such as those who have been seriously injured, regular monthly costs are incurred - such as health bills or rehabilitation. This settlement nicely meets those on a regular basis rather than eating into savings. • If it is a person or small company that is having to pay the settlement then it could well be that they are unable to afford to make the full amount payment. That being the case they can arrange a structured settlement, or even have one forced on them by the courts. Jan is an expert on finance and you can read more about structured settlement on his site eFinanced . Article Source: expert=Jan_Jelenik

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Sell Structured Insurance Settlements - Tips and Advice

Sell Structured Insurance Settlements - Tips and Advice
By S Kung

Some people who are involved in an insurance settlement get rewarded structured settlements. Instead of a lump sum payment the person gets a percentage of the total paid out every year. This means the person gets annual payment every year until the settlement runs out. This is a very good way for people who need money annually for medical expenses they may need as a result of an accident. Some people are looking to sell structured insurance settlements in order to raise a lump sum amount of money.
Although you will receive more money if you are able to wait out the entire period of the structured settlement, people often want access to the money immediately. There is often a need to use the money to pay off some existing debt or other financial obligations. Because it is a guaranteed payment, there are many buyers who are interested in buying these settlement payments as an investment.
If you are looking to sell your settlement, the first thing you should do is find a good broker. A broker can help you arrange a buyer of you insurance settlement. Before you do decide to sell your settlement, you should know that many companies don't allow the sale of these settlements. So you should see if you are able to sell the structured settlement with your broker.
People who sell structured insurance settlements can use the money to do whatever they want. Paying off bad debt or paying off a mortgage is good reasons why you might consider selling your settlement. Getting instant access to the settlement is a choice that many people make.
Selling structured Settlements is a good way for people to raise instant cash. Through a Lump Sum Payment you can get access to your settlement payment.
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Sell Structured insurance Settlements

Is The Solution Sometimes
Getting a lump sum for all or a portion of a structured settlement can provide you with the money you need for costly immediate and unforeseen expenses. Thousands of Americans have sold, and are selling their future payments for a large lump sum now. There are hundreds of companies, which will purchase your structured settlement payments for a large lump sum.
With so many companies competing to buy your structured settlement payments, it is even easier to make sure you getting the most for your money.
Companies like Woodbridge Investments and JG Wentworth are leaders in the industry; they specialize getting you the largest lump sum possible for your payments.
Companies such as these understand that you cannot afford to wait for your money to trickle in when you need it now the most, and will provide you faster, greater access to your money.
Many Americans each year are still suffering financially even after they have begun receiving their structured settlement payments. They are forced into further debt or bankruptcy because their payments are not enough to cover the enormous expenses resulting from lack of income, injury, or unemployment.
The Pros and Cons of a Structured Settlement

Compensation for the pain, suffering, or your inability to work due to an injury or accident often comes in the form of a structured settlement.
You are awarded monies to help you recover financially from the hardship you endured. These monies are paid to you in regular payments, and over a long period. The ideal scenario would be that these monies would secure your future financial well-being.
If you are able to continue working, or have an income that supports your living expenses already, this may seem like the perfect solution. However, for many Americans the opposite is true.
The reality
For many individuals, the reality of resuming the duties of a job to support their family financially is not an option. Medical expenses will always be a concern, debts will continue to rise, and the stress and worries of maintaining a home become too much to handle.
Selling all or a portion of your future payments can give you the power to take back control of your finances. Too often, the restrictions of a structured settlement payment can only serve to cause more aggravation and frustration.
When you receive a large lump sum of cash for your structured settlement payments, you can immediately begin to take control of your future. You decide where your money will be best put to use. You determine how your money will work for you.
You do not have to wait years to collect your money. A company who specializes in purchasing structured settlements can give you a quote on how much your future payments are worth if you decide to sell your structured settlement for a lump sum.
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